Private Organizations

Private Organizations are self-sustaining, special interest groups set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees or agents of the federal government. Private Orgs operate on installations with written consent of Installation Commander but are not Federal entities and are not treated as such.

•    2012 Private Organization Guidelines
•    AFMC JA Handbook
•    AFI 34-223
•    AFI 36-3101
•    Private Organization Requirements 2017
•    Liability Insurance Waiver
•    Sample Letters & Memos

- Consititution and Bylaws Approval

- Liability Insurance Waiver

- SSS Liability Waiver

- SSS Private Org. Constitution and Bylaws

- Sample Letter for Private Org.

- Sample Letter for Liability Waiver

Examples of Private Organizations

•    Squadron Booster Clubs
•    Unit Advisory Committees
•    Spouse Clubs
•    Special Interest Groups
•    Chief’s Group
•    Top Three

Guidance & Oversight

•    AFI 34-223, Private Organizations (PO) Program

– Mandatory compliance

•    Private Organization Guide – 2012
•    Installation Commander

– Authorizes establishment and operation
– Withdraws authorization
– Authorized to eliminate duplication of services
      – Approval authority delegated to 75 MSG/CC

•    POs or unofficial activities are prohibited against frequent or continuous resale activities. Reference AFI 34-223, 10.9.1 for more information.

Please read AFI 34-223 and the Private Organization Guide (found to the right for more information.

Frequently Asked Question:

The Air Force and the Department of Defense have guidelines about fundraising. These questions and answers will help you follow the rules you may not have known applied to your organization and give you general knowledge on private organizations and unofficial activities.

Q. Does my organization have to be a chartered PO (Private Organization) to conduct fundraising activities on base?
A. No. Approved UAs (Unofficial Activities) are also authorized to conduct fundraisers. However AFI 34-223 requires your group to be one or the other.

Q. What are Unofficial Activities?
A. Small unofficial activities (like coffee funds and other small operations) are generally not considered POs. However, if their current assets (which include cash, inventories, receivables, and investments) exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a 3-month period, the activity must become a PO, discontinue on-base operations, or reduce its current assets below the $1,000 threshold.

Q. How can my organization become a chartered PO?
A. The 75th FSS web site has an instructions complete with samples. They can help you complete this package and forward it to 75 FSS/FSR NAFAO for coordination. The request is then forwarded through the chain up to the 75 MSG/CC for approval.

Q. What is the real difference between a PO and a UA?
A. Like unofficial activities, POs are self-sustaining special interest groups set up by people acting outside the scope of any official position they may have with the government. Unlike unofficial activities, their monthly assets (which include cash inventories, receivables, and investments) are at a threshold exceeding an average of $1,000.00 over a 3-month period. That is the real difference. Both UA’s and PO’s are governed by AFI 34-223, and may operate on the installation at the pleasure of the installation commander.

Q. Do I need Liability Insurance?
A. POs must have liability insurance unless the installation commander waives the requirement. This waiver does not negate the PO’s liabilities. The waiver says the PO does not normally conduct functions for which there is a danger, damage to property or individuals. In the absence of insurance the PO and their members assume the liability. Liability insurance should be required unless the activities of the PO are such that the risk of liability is negligible. Forward all liability insurance waiver requests though 75th FSS/FSR for coordination and approval. Insurance waivers must be re-evaluated annually.

Q. Once my organization becomes a UA or PO, how do I receive approval to conduct a fundraiser?
A. Submit a fundraising request form to the 75 FSS/FSR 

Some limitations are as follows:

a)    The fundraising event will not be conducted during the Combined Federal Campaign or the Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign (unless MSG Commander approves)and is away from the work Place.( Like Golf course, Club,Chaple or BX)
b)    Contributions or sales will NOT be sought during duty hours in the work place. (lunch hours are permissible).
c)    Government equipment or letterhead will not be utilized.
d)    The event will not compete with AFFES or 75th FSS or BX Food court, Restaurant Bowling etc.
e)    The event will not include any games of chance, lotteries, raffles, or other gambling activity.
f)    Any sale of food will also be coordinated though Military Public Health.# 801-775-4518
g)    The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
h)    Military personnel cannot participate while in uniform.
i)    Otherwise comply with AFI 36-3101, Fundraising in the Air Force

All Private Organizations operate on Hill AFB with prior written consent. After reviewing the policy and guidelines, please call 775-6793 for more information.