Monday, September 25, 2023

Open Recreation

Open Recreation (Ages 9-18)

Youth Programs Open Recreation is designed to provide safe, age-appropriate activities that help youth develop strength and confidence and provide a healthy and sound environment. Programs such as youth development or leadership development through club organizations, health education, youth/parent activities, youth sponsorship programs, and relocation assistance are available. Being affiliated with the Boys & Girls clubs of America and 4-H, we have incorporated many of their programs, such as the Power Hour, Keystone Club, Torch Club, Smart Girls and Air Force Specialty camps (Space Camp, Teen Aviation Camp, 4-H Teen Adventure Camp, Regional STEM Camps and Missoula Children’s Theater). Youth Programs uses these clubs to provide community service in conjunction with monthly activities.


Youth ages 9-18 years old of Active Duty Members, Reserves, retired military and DoD Civilians who have access to base privileges. Youth 6-8 years old are allowed to participate only when they are in an activity that involves continuous direct supervision by an adult or they are accompanied by a parent. Youth that are 18 years old must still be in high school. Married and active duty youth are not allowed to participate as youth participants.

Registration and Membership

Youth must have an AF Form 88 (Air Force Youth Programs Registration) on file to participate in Open Recreation. In accordance with AFI 134-144, immunizations to include a flu shot must be submitted at time of registration and updated annually. Open Recreation is a privilege, not a right. The annual fee is $120/year or $60/6 months per youth. In the event of closure due to quarantine, fees will not be refunded or prorated. Special needs situations (autism, ADHD, diabetes, etc.) require documented Child & Youth Participation Inclusion Action Team approval prior to attending. All youth will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms daily, and masks are required to be worn at all times.

Dress Code

Appropriate dress required for all Youth Center functions – halter tops and spaghetti straps are not permitted. Shirts must cover midriff. Garments may not contain inappropriate slogans or advertisement for alcohol, tobacco, or include sexually suggestive content or text. Pants will not be worn in a manner that shows undergarments. Shorts must be no shorter than finger-tip length, measured from the middle finger. Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for Open Recreation and required for School Age Care.


Mon – Thu
1430 – 1630

1330 – 1630

Closed all AFMC Family Days and Federal Holidays.


(801) 777-2419


7712 6th Street Bldg. 833

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