Customer Support FAQ

CAC Renewal: In order to get a new Common Access Card (CAC), you need to be within 90 days of an expiration date or have a valid reason for a new card. Examples are, promotion, or card no longer works. Bring two VALID forms of ID. We always recommend bringing an unexpired Driver’s License and Social Security Card. You can use your current CAC if it has not expired.

Get a Dependent ID: To get a dependent ID card, you will either need your sponsor present, POA (not expired), a notarized 1172-2 or a digitally signed 1172-2 from mil-connect. Dependent ID card age is 10. If the dependent is over 18, they will require 2 forms of ID, one must be a photo ID.

Make an Appointment: To make an ID card appointment, please go to

Get a Retiree ID: To get a retiree ID card, you will need to bring in two forms of ID. If you are switching your profile to retired, please bring in your retirement orders or your SF 50 for a civilian retirement.

In-Processing: In-processing is normally done at your CSS. If you do not have a CSS, you will need at a minimum a copy of your signed orders (AF 899), and your AF IMT 330.

Add a Newborn: To add a dependent: birth certificate and social security card. If you do not have the social security card, we are able to add a temporary ID number for 90 days.

Add a Marriage: To add a marriage you will need a marriage certificate. Please have your spouse bring in their driver’s license and social security.

Update a Divorce: To update a divorce you must bring in the entire divorce decree. It is also recommended you confiscate the dependent ID card for the spouse you are removing from your record.

New Hire CAC: New Hire ID CAC can be issued once your Task Manager has pushed your profile through their system. Thursdays are our New Hire days, and you will be seen first after anyone with a New Hire appointment.

Walk-Ins: Walk-ins are available Mon-Wed and Fri from 0800-1600.

Force Management & Career Development FAQ

Update TDYs/Deployments: To add a missing TDY or Deployment, Force Management will require your CED orders or DTS orders and the paid travel voucher.

Update Awards & Decorations: To add a missing award or decoration, Force Management will require a copy of your citation or CED orders and a paid travel voucher.

Am I eligible to Reenlist? AFI 36-2606 Table 5.1 explains reenlistment eligibility.

Reaching an Assignment Counselor: Email the encrypted org box 75 FSS/FSPD Career Development.

How do I get a vOP checklist? You must schedule an appointment to attend one of the initial Retirement/ Separation Briefs that happen every other Friday at the Landing Bingo Room.

Can I do my final out without an appointment? No, you must coordinate with the 75 FSS/FSPD Career Development office with scheduling your final out appointment.

How do I calculate my Retirement Pay? Please utilize the My Benefits calculator on the following link:

What is the status of my orders? To check the status of your orders refer to this link:

Walk-Ins: Walk-ins available daily.


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