Holiday Hours

Labor Day Holiday Hours

FacilityHours on Fri 2 Sep (AFMC Family Day)Hours on Mon 5 Sep (Holiday)Notes
Airman Leadership SchoolClosedClosed
Arts & CraftsClosedClosed
Auto Hobby0800-1500Closed
Bowling CenterClosedClosedAlso closed Sat 3 Sep
Fitness: WarriorClosedClosed
Fitness: HessOpen 24 hours with registered CAC Access Open 24 hours with registered CAC Access
Child Development CentersClosedClosed
Civilian Personnel SectionClosedClosed
Education and Training OfficesClosedClosed
Fast Eddies Dining Facility0600-0800; 1100-1300; 1700-1900Closed
Finance Customer ServiceClosedClosed
Hillcrest Dining Facility 0530-0800; 1100-1300; 1700-1900 0530-0800; 1100-1300; 1700-1900
Hubbard Memorial Golf CourseDawn ’til DuskDawn ’til DuskWeather-dependent
LodgingOpen 24/7Open 24/7
Manpower & OrganizationClosedClosed
Military & Family Readiness CenterClosedClosed
Military Personnel FlightClosedClosed
NAF Human Resources OfficeClosedClosed
Official Mail CenterClosedClosed
Outdoor Recreation0900-1700ClosedInformation, Tickets, & Travel will be closed both days.
Professional DevelopmentClosedClosed
The LandingClosedClosed
Youth ProgramsClosedClosed