Holiday Hours

Memorial Day Holiday Hours

FacilityHours on Fri 27 May (AFMC Family Day)Hours on Mon 30 May (Holiday)Notes
Airman & Family Readiness CenterClosedClosed
Airman Leadership SchoolClosedClosed
Arts & CraftsClosedClosed
Auto Hobby0800-1500Closed
Bowling CenterClosedClosed
Fitness: Warrior0730-1600 0730-1600
Fitness: HessOpen 24 hours with registered CAC Access Open 24 hours with registered CAC Access
Child Development CentersClosedClosed
Civilian Personnel SectionClosedClosed
Education and Training OfficesClosedClosed
Fast Eddies Dining FacilityClosedClosed
Finance Customer ServiceClosedClosed
Hillcrest Dining Facility 0530-0800; 1100-1300; 1700-1900 0530-0800; 1100-1300; 1700-1900
Hubbard Memorial Golf CourseDawn ’til DuskDawn ’til Dusk
LodgingOpen 24/7Open 24/7
Manpower & OrganizationClosedClosed
Military Personnel FlightClosedClosed
NAF Human Resources OfficeClosedClosed
Official Mail CenterClosedClosed
Outdoor Recreation0900-1700Closed
Professional DevelopmentClosedClosed
The LandingClosedClosed
Youth ProgramsClosedClosed