Give Parents A Break

Give Parents a Break (GPAB)

“Give Parents a Break” (GPAB) & “Parents Day/Night Out” are held in conjunction with one another. The CDCs and Youth Center supports GPAB and Parents Day/Night Out Programs typically on the 3rd Saturday of the month. In an effort to meet the AF required 8 GPAB referral minimum, and for the convenience of a single location, the care now takes place for all age groups at CDC West, Bldg. 464.

GPAB is free (reimbursed by Air Force Aid Society) child care for active duty families and requires a referral certificate from the Military & Family Readiness Center (801) 777-4681 along with all required CDC/SAC enrollment paperwork. Active duty AF families, to include Air Guard and AF Reserve members (activated under Title 10 USC for 15 days or longer) are eligible for the “Give Parents a Break” program.

The program is open to those where a parent is feeling stress due to…

  • The military member being deployed, on an extended TDY or on a remote tour of duty
  • A family crises or emergency such as serious illness of family member, death in the family, extended illness of family members, birth of a new baby, etc.
  • Having a child with special needs (see CDC or SAC for Child and Youth Inclusion Action Team paperwork to ensure ability to reasonably accommodate at least 30 days prior to scheduled GPAB date)
  • Unique circumstances or hardships (Note: Being a single parent is not in itself a reason for this program)

To be eligible to use the program, families must be referred by one of the following base officials (forms are available at the Military & Family Readiness Center, bldg. 150):

  • Squadron commander/first sergeant
  • Chaplain
  • Doctor or other medical professional
  • Family Advocacy personnel
  • Military & Family Readiness Center personnel
  • Child Development Center/Youth Center Director

GPAB should not be looked on simply as free child care, but rather as a program for commanders, first sergeants and other base officials to provide help for families who are experiencing stress. GPAB certificates are issued for a specific period of time, normally not longer than a three-month period, but may be reissued as needed.

While deployments, remote assignments and TDYs are often longer than 3 months, this follow-on contact with the family allows the situation to be reviewed periodically and the opportunity to offer other help, if needed.

The Child Development Center West (801) 777-6223 accepts registration for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The Youth Center (801)777-2419, Bldg. 883 accepts paperwork for children ages 6-12. GPAB families may sign up and drop off paperwork starting the Monday after the event through the Wednesday prior to the next event.

Programs in Conjunction with GPAB

Parents Day/Night Out is $32 per child; available to families with children 6 weeks to 12 years of age, and does not require a referral. Families may sign up for Parents Day/Night Out on the Thursday prior to the event. This is pending 8 referrals have been received. Payment must be made in advance to reserve a space.

Free Child Care to Single Military is still available in conjunction with monthly Give Parents A Break/Parent’s Day or Night Out Program. A signed statement from the single military member’s first sergeant or commander is needed to verify eligibility and must be presented along with the required CDC/Youth Center enrollment paperwork, to be turned in starting the Thursday prior to the event to reserve a spot. Priority is given to GPAB referrals. Single military slots and Parent’s Day or Night Out ($32 per child) slots are based upon remaining space availability.