Fitness Centers

Hill Air Force Base has two fitness areas that offer a variety of equipment to meet your fitness needs. In addition, an outdoor track and a 5K hard surface scenic trail that circles Centennial Park and the Duck Pond are located on the south side of the base.

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Warrior Fitness Center offers a state of the art weight room, cardiovascular exercise equipment, universal equipment, saunas, racquetball courts, two basketball courts, a climbing wall and an indoor running and walking track. Located directly to the east of the Warrior are three softball fields and the Youth Program fields are across the street to the south.

Hess Fitness Center was recently renovated and houses an indoor pool, basketball/volleyball court, racquetball courts, a family fitness area, martial art room and an indoor tennis court. The center also has a wide range of cardiovascular and exercise equipment along with an indoor pool. For information on the indoor pool click HERE. The Hess Fitness Center is also your after hours access. Sign up for this is at the Hess Fitness Center during duty hours. After hours access is ONLY open to active duty military members.

The Bubble is a special area. It has an indoor track, tennis court and various fitness equipment.

Swimming Pool

Welcome to the Hill Air Force Base aquatics program provided for Active Duty military, Reservists, retired military personnel, Department of Defense (DOD) civilians and their dependents to participate in the Outdoor Pool for Memorial Day to Labor Day annually.

When the Outdoor Pool is closed for the season. ACTIVE DUTY can swim for FREE at Layton Surf and Swim with their ACTIVE DUTY CAC. ACTIVE DUTY Will need to show their CAC to the Surf-n-swim admin, PRINT and SIGN the sign-in log, and swim. Open during the normal Layton Surf-n-Swim hours of operation. Please note... this is for ACTIVE DUTY users ONLY.


    1. The pool is not to be used until lifeguards are in their stations and give the o.k.

    2. Children 10 years of age and under must be under the continuous supervision of an adult (18 or older). **Children in diapers or children not potty trained are NOT allowed in the swimming pool.

    3. Children 11-13 years of age who cannot meet the swim test requirements must be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 or older). Swim requirements are a 25-meter swim and tread water for 1 minute.

    4. Food and beverages are not permitted in pools or around main or kiddy pool decks.

    5. Alcoholic beverages, glass containers, intoxicated individuals, and smoking are not permitted.

    6. Only properly fitting USCG approved PFD’s, types I, II, or III, are authorized during open recreational swimming.

    7. A full shower with soap is required of all pool users before entering the pool.

    8. Running, wrestling, riding on backs and shoulders are prohibited.

    9. Use ladders to exit the pool.

    10. Lifeguards are in charge at all times.

    11. Throwing of any type of object is prohibited.

    12. Proper swim apparel will be worn at all times.

    13. Individuals with communicable disease, open sores or lesions are prohibited from entering pool.

    14. All individuals ages 16 and under must take a swim test to be in the deep water or on any deep-water attraction.

    15. Pool or aquatic toys must be approved by the lifeguards on duty.

    16. At the lifeguards discretion a 15-minute break will be at the top of every hour during open swim.

    17. An emergency telephone is located at the front office, please ask for assistance.

    Climbing Wall

    The climbing wall is a 43 foot Entre-Prises artificial climbing structure equipped with 5 top-ropes and capable of accommodating lead climbing. It is located inside the Warrior Fitness Center. The wall is managed by a dedicated band of volunteers who have developed procedures to ensure the wall is maintained and managed, reducing risk and ensure that this amazing free resource is available to all who are interested in the sport of climbing. Without this team of volunteers there would be no route setting, maintenance, or instructional courses.

    Though the volunteers have applied industry standards, experience, and dedication to the management of the wall it the human factor involved is directly related to safety and is the cause of nearly all climbing accident. It is the responsibility of all climbers to ensure the maximum safety on the wall. All users who will be belaying other climbers must attend a Climbing 101 or have the ability to successfully challenge the required skills to complete Climbing 101. All belayers must be able to demonstrate the apply to inspect, fit, and operate an UIAA approved harness, tie into the harness using an Inline Figure 8, conduct proper individual safety checks on themselves and their climbing partner, and belay using the PBUS system (Pull, Break, Under, Slide).

    Climbers and belayers must NEVER forget the following critical criteria for safe climbing:

      ·The belayer/climber must double-back harness buckle.

      ·The belayer/climber must tie in using the Figure 8 Correctly.

      ·The belayer must use IN-Line belay device or equivalent correctly.

      ·The belayer must inspect himself/herself (harness, belay, locked carabineers).

      ·The climber must inspect himself/herself (harness, knot) and the wall.

      ·The belayer/climber must use proper belay commands.

      ·The belayer must never remove brake hand while climber is in the air or on route.

      ·The belayer must be available to efficiently demonstrate PBUS belaying Method.

      ·The belayer must be able to demonstrate safely lowering climber in a controlled manner.

    Climbing 101

    We offer scheduled classes for those who would like to learn how to climb.Class are taught by James Murray. For questions about the class or to schedule at date/time, please contact the instructor at (801)777-2762 or email him at

    Class Times:

      Sundays at 1100

      Mondays Please call for times

    Please show up on the scheduled day and time for the class. Thank You

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    To help you reach your fitness goals we offer many free and paid classes. These classes range from aerobic, strength training, yoga & martial arts. For more information call (801)777-2762.

    Monthly Class Schedule:


    The fitness centers offer various sports through out the year. For more information call (801)777-2762.

    The Armed Forces Bowling Championship


    AFI Fitness Program: Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC), PT testing: 586-6650 Monday-Friday 0700 - 1530. All PT tests need to be scheduled with a Unit Fitness Program Manager (UFPM).

    After Hours Access Program: Active duty personnel are eligible for after-hours access to the Hess Fitness Center, Bldg 520. To take advantage of this privilege you must visit the Hess Fitness Center with your CAC identification on one of the following days and times:

      ·Tue-Thurs: 0700-0800, 1130-1230, 1630-1730

      ·Mon & Fri: 1130-1230

      Note: 24 December and all holidays excluded

    ATTENTION!!If you are currently enrolled "ACTIVE DUTY, RESERVE or GUARD" in the After Hours Access Program you need to re-register your "MILITARY ID" card at the Warrior Fitness Center. If you do not, you will not gain access to workout from 2100-0530. You MUST bring your card in to register. Staff will be available from 0400-2200 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

    Air Force Sports Program: Become an Air Force Athlete. Compete with the best in the world.

    Personal Trainers

    Mac McCurdy - Mac McCurdy, USAF MSgt (Ret), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, NASM Golf and Women's Fitness Specialist, AFAA/FiTOUR Group Fitness Instructor, and TRX Trainer. Mac also accomplished the Functional Fitness after 40: Post-Rehab and Preventative Health Medicine for Baby Boomers and Older Adults course. Professional affiliations: IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Personal Fitness Professionals, and AARP.

    A proponent of productive workouts, he believes health and wellness should be a fun and manageable part of life! His approach to fitness instruction is more than simply showing someone how to use machines or lift weights -- it's understanding limitations, goals and objectives then putting together a complete customized plan of action tailored to fit individualized needs.

    Mac's clients include individuals wanting to lose weight, improve physical appearance, pre and post natal, or recover from medical conditions such as strokes, cancer or surgery. He’s helped military members pass PT tests, world class and high school athletes, bodybuilders, and AF volleyball players. Whether beginner or experienced exerciser, Mac believes support, motivation and proper guidance are extremely essential to keep you on track. His mission - help clients meet their health and wellness goals one workout at a time.

    For an appointment call (801) 721-5332 or email at

    HEAT Resurrected:High Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) Designed for the Novice or Pro using the High Intensity Interval Training principal. HEAT Resurrected encompasses a variety of circuit training workouts in a group format; 30 - 45 minutes of challenging cardio and strength training exercises are used to help with fat loss, build muscle, and improve heart/aerobic fitness and ensure maximum calorie burn. Body weight, TRX system, Resistance bands, Kettle Bells, sandbags and free weights are used for strength and resistance training. BOSU and stability balls along with a variety of ab exercise routines are used to develop overall balance and core strength.

    Monday and Wednesday 05:45 am Warrior Fitness Center upstairs Cardio Room. Walk-ins welcomed.

    8 Jan. - 31 Jan. 2018 Schedule

    For cost and to sign up contact Mac at (801) 721-5332 or email at

    Devin Gongora- Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be. My name is Ms. Devin Gongora and I am the proud owner of D&D Fitness, a Health and Fitness Company since 2001. As the NAF Contractor for Group Exercise for Hill AFB, where I have the opportunity to instruct the great Hill AFB Population where I mentor and manage over 30 instructors and hundreds of students. I hold a MS in Science of Leadership, and will be completed with my Master’s Degree in Air Staff Command College (ACSC) in May 2018. I have a BS from Weber State University in Human Performance Management/Nutrition and have been teaching Group Fitness as a certified National Academy Sports Medicine Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), Certified Exercise Specialist (CES) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Exercise for since 2001. I love to educate about HOW to live a lifestyle of healthy and flexible eating, fitness variations and promote healthy habits through my experience in Group Training, Aerobics, and Health Coaching. I hold active certifications in AFAA Practical Yoga & Pilates Essentials, Coopers Military Exercise Leader, Aquatics, Barre, FREEMOTION Cable Systems, Indoor Cycle, Piloxing, PiYo, IDEA Health and Fitness, Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit, Tabata, X-biking, TRX Suspension System, Turbo-kick, Urban Rebounding, Resist-a-ball Stability Fitness, Zumba Dance, and several recovery programs specializing in neurological conditions. I am passionate about teaching others to conquer their fitness and wellness goals in all areas of health! I hold the title of NGA Bodybuilding Northwestern States Figure and Bikini Novice/Overall; Western States 2nd place Open/Moms Bikini, and Utah States Masters Bikini Champion.

    I work with clients of all levels, including organizing exercise prescriptions in running, sports (dance, soccer, running), Pre/Post-natal, Fitness Competitions, Exercise Management for Chronic Diseases and Disabilities, and Nutrition Recommendations. I am an active member of IDEA Health and Wellness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, and Utah Cancer Society. Conquer your fitness goals in Adrenaline RUSH, an intense, yet achievable Boot Camp Program that is designed to increase your calorie burning, strengthen & sculpt your body; and program your mind for success! Includes an exercise prescription, health and nutrition guidelines, and weekly fit tips that focus on individual SMART Goals. I educate for success by teaching participants to understand their strongest self! Can I get a Whoop?!!

    Contact or 801-458-1343 for more information.

    Adrenaline Rush:The Adrenaline RUSH Boot Camp Program teaches YOU how to increase your calorie burning to its ultimate high in 18 classes that is designed to strengthen & sculpt your entire body through challenging Balance, Barre, Circuit, HIIT, Piloxing, PiYo, Resistance, Tabata, Turbo-kick, and TRX Suspension to get a stronger build and stamina, ADRENALINE RUSH incorporates dynamic movements, explosive resistance movements and weight training to drive your energy output through the roof and start shedding unwanted body fat based off of individual SMART Goals in a group setting! All fitness levels welcome! Kettle-bells, bands, BOSU’s, hand weights, medicine balls, ropes, pulleys, boxes, tires, TRXs, Resistance Machines may be used. Are you ready for your Adrenaline RUSH?

    New Year Schedule

    Contact or 801-458-1343 for more information.

    Equipment Use Policy

    Non-uniformed members are to give priority on certain equipment between 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. This applies to the strength training and cardio equipment areas on the second floor only. Fitness center staff are available to suggest alternative equipment or other areas in the center where non-military can accomplish their workouts.

    Sunday: 7:30-16:00
    Monday: 5:30-21:00
    Tuesday: 5:30-21:00
    Wednesday: 5:30-21:00
    Thursday: 5:30-21:00
    Friday: 5:30-21:00
    Saturday: 7:30-16:00
    Hour Notes: 
    Center are open on AFMC Famliy Days and most Federal Holidays from 0730-1600, on Thanksgiving from 0800-1200, and closed on Christmas Day.
    Hess: 5724 D Avenue Bldg. 520 & Warrior: 7250 Balmer Street, Bldg. 533