Family Child Care

FCC is much more than babysitting!

The program offers a nurturing, educational, home environment. Family Child Care (FCC) is a home away from home for your child with qualified, professional providers both on and off base. Each provider is held to high standards that include twenty four hours of annual training, monthly home inspections, and meeting Air Force regulations. All providers hold current First Aid, CPR, and food handlers certificates. The Family Child Care program accepts children and providers with chronic health problems, including those that are HIV-positive.

Those who wish to become providers will have a wide array of resources at their disposal. A large lending library provides all the equipment one would need to start a day care business. If you are looking for child care, FCC has referrals for reserve weekend care and after hours care – read more…

Each program has developmentally appropriate activities for all ages. Many of the providers offer enriched programs that involve the community, service projects, and field trips.

Family Child Care is made up of providers that operate independent businesses. Hourly and part-time care is available by contacting FCC providers directly. Rates will vary depending on the hours needed. Paperwork needed for hourly care will be available through each provider that includes 1181's, current immunization records and contracts.

The Family Child Care program strives to help meet the needs of the community while maintaining high quality childcare. Due to inspections, in-home trainings and other program requirements, please make an appointment for assistance by calling 801-777-0695.

Customer Feedback

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Become a Provider

FCC is looking for military spouses or retirees, on or off base, willing to provide family child care. Enjoy working out of your home, while caring for your own children and owning your own business. FCC offers childcare training, licensing and a lending library to help with start up costs. Providers are needed for evening/night shifts, extended duty, weekends or TDY, hourly and care for children with asthma, allergies, cerebral palsy, physical impairments, and more. Please contact the office for more information or an application, 801-777-0695.


The FCC office does not regulate the FCC provider’s contracts or fees. Take the time to read and understand the terms of the provider’s contract fully before an agreement is made. Contracts are binding. If you have any questions, discuss questions before care begins and continue to communicate regularly. Make sure you complete all paperwork and receive a copy of your signed contract. You may also want to request tax information for filing childcare credit if applicable. The FCC office is not allowed to supply Social Security Numbers; you’ll have to get this information directly from your provider.

Additional Child Care Resources

Child Development Center (East) 801-777-6321, (West) 801-777-6223 and Youth Center 801-777-2419

Setting-Up Your Child Care

We have switched to a new system for requesting care/waiting list. The new system will be through (MCC). (MCC) is a DoD website for eligible (afi 34-144 ref. 11.8) families seeking child care. This single online gateway provides access to comprehensive military-operated and military-subsidized child care options worldwide. Ultimately, MCC makes it easier for families to find the child care they need. This change effects the Child Development Centers (CDCs), Family Child Care (FCC) homes, and School Age Care (SAC) programs on Hill AFB. To visit the MCC website click here. Please call or stop by either CDC East: (801)777-6321, CDC West: 777-6223, Family Child Care: (801)777-0695, or the Youth Center: (801)777-2419 for MCC literature.

Providers and their homes are different and unique just as families are. Please arrange an interview with a potential FCC Provider to assure compatibility. The FCC Provider you select will play an important role in your child's life. Most of your child's waking hours will be spent with that Provider.

The cost of care is set by the Family Child Care provider. As an independent business the Air Force does not regulate these fees. Providers are required to list fees, payment schedules and penalties in their contracts. We encourage parents to read and understand all areas of the contract before entering the agreement.

Prior to starting care, families must:

    1. Complete a written contract regarding fees and policies.

    2. Provide proof of immunizations

    3. Complete the 1181 form to include emergency contacts.

Here are some other points to remember when you find care:

    -Visit your FCC home anytime during the day. Check to see what kind of careis being provided.

    -Discuss your goals and the Provider's goals for your child and work together to accomplish those goals.

    -Keep the Provider informed about the health of your child. If your child is ill and will not be going to the FCC home, notify the Provider as soon as possible.

    -Pay for fees on time. The Provider deserves your consideration.

    -Be thoughtful and considerate of your provider.

    -Drop off and pick up your child on time or call if you are delayed.

    -Open and Honest Communication is essential for both parents and providers in building a partnership in the best interest of children.

Referral List

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Care Programs

If you have been deployed for 30 days or more in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, you may take advantage of returning home care. Members are eligible for 16 hours of free care through the extended duty care program within 6 months of their return.

The FCC program can help parents obtain childcare when they need it for duty-related reasons beyond their typical 50-hour childcare arrangements. Call or drop by the Family Child Care office for registration, application and eligibility requirements. You can also pick up an application from SAP, YC, or CDC.

If you are a Reservist and are required to work primary UTA weekend then you might qualify for Home Community Care. Please contact the office for more information. Both parents are required to be working to use this program.

If you are an active duty member, the PCS program provides 20 hours of free childcare per child in an FCC home within 60 days of PCSing in/out. Please see the Airman and Family Readiness Center for vouchers or call (801)777-4681 for more information.

Extended Child Care Programs

Deployment Care: provides child care for children ages 12 and under. Up to 16 hours of care per child is available to those Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve members assigned to Hill Air Force Base 30 days prior to a member's deployment of more than 30 days and 16 hours of care during deployment. Please contact the office for more information.

Returning Home Care: provides child care for children ages 12 and under. Up to 16 hours of care per child is available to those Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve members assigned to Hill Air Force Base after a member’s deployment of more than 30 days. Care must be used within 6 months of return.

Home Community Care: provides child care for children ages 12 and under for single or dual Reservists during monthly drill weekend. Care will only be given when no other adult is available to provide care.

For participation in any of the following programs you must: Meet eligibility requirements (see below)

    -Complete 1181 form (attached) and give the child care provider the original.

    -Copies of current immunizations, including annual flu shots – before care is provided.

    -Copy of orders

    -AF FCC form must be submitted no later than Tuesday before the care is needed.

      With Supervisors signature certifying eligibility of use.

      HQ must approve hours

    -Request for times and providers will be accommodated that best we are able.

    -Please know that providers are independent businesses and typically work long hours, this is a voluntary program that they participate in.

Drop-In Care

Drop-in/hourly care is available. Rates are set by providers. For more information contact our office (801-777-0695) or speak with your FCC Provider

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets the third Tuesday of every month from 1130-1230 at one of CDC locations. A free lunch is provided. All FCC parents are encouraged to attend including hourly, part-time and those that use any of the Extended Child Care programs. Please contact the office for more information.(801)777-0695

Hour Notes: 
Appointments Only. Open on AFMC Family Days and closed all Federal Holidays.
5837 D Ave. Bldg. 150
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