YP Summer Camps – Archery Camp

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07/19/2021 09:00 - 07/23/2021 12:00

YP Summer Camps - Archery Camp

Youth Center
Phone:(801) 777-2419
Address: 7712 6th Street Bldg. 833

Welcome to Hill AFB Youth Programs (YP). We are excited to be offering limited camps this summer. The size and types of camps have been created to adhere to the guidelines set forth by Hill AFB Public Health and for the safety of your Youth.

July 19st-23rd Archery Camp 9:00am-12:00pm $20

Learn the way of the bow at archery camp. Youth will learn basic skills and safety instruction for shooting archery. Students will be instructed on how to hold, aim, draw and shoot a bow. This camp will introduce or build on students current knowledge/skills of archery. Work together in teams, make new friends and master archery skills. Engage in archery challenges and games to improve your skills. Learn to care for your bow so your arrow always flies true. Open to youth ages 9-18. This activity will be open to the first 12 youth ages 9-18 that enroll. Masks must be worn at all times and participants must wash and sanitize their hands before play or touching new equipment.

General Information

********* Camps are limited in numbers.
********* No parents or spectators will be allowed at camps that are held indoors.
********* Along with a permission slip, all youth must have an AF 88 and proof of immunizations.
********* Dropping a camp can be accomplished by notifying Youth Programs 2 weeks in advance. After that no refunds will be issued.
********* Please note the location of the camp. Youth Programs is not able to transport youth at this time.

COVID-19 Procedures

********* Participants will be screened for symptoms daily prior to the start of the activity.
********* Masks are required at all times.
********* Participants will use their own transportation.
********* All equipment will be sanitized after use by staff using approved cleaning solutions.
********* Only one youth will be allowed in the bathroom at a time.
********* When possible, social distancing guidelines will be followed.
********* Youth will need to bring their own water bottle.