Email Blast

Email Blast

You can have a detailed list of current 75 FSS events delivered to your inbox every Monday! Simply sign up with your email to the right.

About the Blast:

The Email Blast is only for advertising 75 FSS events. If you would like to take advantage of any of our other advertising tools in our facilities, please see opportunities here!

If you would like to stop receiving these emails after signing up, please read below to find out how:

Government-issued email:
Unfortunately we cannot edit the Hill AFB distro list as it is used to disseminate other important information to all of base; however, if you have PCS’d to another base and no longer work at Hill, you can contact your IT support or computer administrator to change your address in Outlook, which is how the distro list is populated.

Other emails:
You may simply reply back to the email with a request for us to take you off our list, and it will be done!



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